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The Holistic Mystic is a holistic wellness therapist in Green Bay, WI. She practices a very diverse range of modalities and has been a licensed bodyworker for eight years. Her style of healing is rooted in ancient, traditional and nature-based methods, following the natural patterns of regeneration and rebirth. The closer we look at and work with the cyclical patterns of nature, the more we can access the energy within them. As a therapist, she facilitates spiritual rebirth, regeneration and reconnection to our inner strength. She is here to assist you on your journey, to guide you to see your true self and to stand beside you once you are back on your feet.

HM practices a very unique blend of alternative therapies for a customized and powerfully therapeutic session. During a consultation we can address your concerns and goals to create a holistic approach to engaging your innate ability to step into your inner power and heal.


Holistic Mystic offers workshops and one on one classes on holistic practices for a healthier lifestyle, mysticism, introduction to paganism, women’s empowerment and mindfulness for children.